Thursday, May 28, 2015


Back by popular demand MAC has unleashed their 2015 Summer matte ,and retro matte lipsticks (yet again), and I'm loving it. 
Call me biased , but when it comes to lippies hands down MAC 
has dibs on my wallet, And I'm not apologizing for it either #sorrynotsorry

The colors range from beautiful neutrals, vibrant splashes of goodness and gorgeous jewel tones that make your lips look rich and expensive. 

Matte v Retro Matte

When it comes to Mac and their mattes one thing is for 
certain - they aren't lying about the finish. Some mattes
I've tried from other brands apply and set more like a satin. 
I don't mind a good satin finish but when I want matte I'm 
looking for that pin-up girl, shoot me Mr. Photographer
for the next calendar, kind'a finish. 

Mac Matte's offer a some what smooth application little 
to know sheen and definitely not sticky. 
Retro Matte's, however, are super drying and if you're not careful
you could burst a blood vessel trying to put them on. 
(Not sure why I adore them so much). 
But Retro Matte be a little harder to apply so you have to make sure that you are wearing a lip balm of some sort to make it easier on yourself. 
With either finish make sure your lips are exfoliated 
properly because these finishes will settle into those cracks
and lines which can be unattractive to wear or look at.

Here is a list of  all the MAC Matte (M) and Retro Matte (RM) lipsticks including the new ones. Oh by the way you don't have 
to rush to get these but word has it their permanent. 


  • Runway hit - RM
  • Kinda Sexy - M
  • Steady Going - RM
  • Please Me - M
  • Naturally Transformed - M
  • Velvet Teddy - M
  • Men Love Mystery - M
  • Pink Pigeon - M
  • Tropic Tonic - M
  • Flat Out Fabulous - RM
  • All Fired Up - RM
  • D for Danger - M
  • Stone - M
  • Whirl - M
  • Persistence - M
  • Dangerous - RM
  • Ruby Woo - RM
  • Heroine - M
  • Studded Kiss - M
  • Antique Velvet - M
  • Instigator - M
  • Matte Royal - M

Happy Shopping :)

The newest Coach (from Coach Outlet) American Summer collection 
is filled with super vibrant colors and prints straight out of the grassy land, 
meadows. Hues of cobalt blues, ambering golds and touches of 
bone white definitely say: "Bring it on Summer - I have arrived!"

A few items included in this collection: 

  • Cora Domed Satchel
  • Margot Carryall
  • Badlands Flora Zip street tote
  • Mickie satchel
  • Badlands Flora Mini Bennett
  • Mini Ruby 
  • Large wristlet
  • Mickie Accordion Zip
  • Badlands Flora Accordion Zip
  • Cosmetic case 
  • Zip hooded Windbreaker
  • Harding wedges
  • Maddy watch 
  • Signature scarf
  • Selma sunglasses
Just to name a few. 

Last week I snagged the midnight blue/chalk Coach Cora
Domed Satchel in Bi-Color Cross-grain Leather Handbag.

I decided on this purse as my Summer handbag because of the
beachy, playful feel the dome shape gives. 
The hardware is a light gold and it's approximately 12" L.
This means I'll have a lot of room on the inside. 

Silly me I forgot to tell you how much it costs. It was about $134.00, which 
isn't bad for a bag that's been priced around the $300's. And it's
actual cross-grain leather definitely says expensive.

It's not set to arrive until Monday, June 1st so I'll be sure and 
update you all with more detail including pictures of the inside 
with and without my junk in it. 

The sale will start Wednesday, June 10, 2015, so make sure you're ready 
bright and early as they will sell out quickly. 
And if you're lucky enough to have a Coach Outlet in your nearest Outlet Mall 
drop in on that date , but remember just like any other website to store
the same items on the website may not be available in the store.
Okay time to get ready for therapy. I've got a long day ahead of me. 

I know I know I know , I've been gone for ages but I'm finally back

I do hope (and pray) that you all have forgiven me and know that 
I'm going to try this thing from the top again. 

My angle will still be the same (beauty, make-up and fashion) , but 
periodically I'll bring you reviews from other 

By doing this it will help us out in a few ways: 

  • Helping me to build my brand.
  • Giving you a wide range of content.
  • Broadening my audience (age,race, gender)
  • Sharing my versatility with you all
I've been milling over and over about what I was going to do, and I truly 
loved my blog(s) so I'll invest so time in them. 

Please stay locked with me as I'll be updating you with much content 
and even some random daily stuff. 

I'm back my love xoxo

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My love for Influenster

As an Influenster for some years now I've found the site to be the most amazing help on so many levels. Sure you can get boxes of goodies from most companies these days, but the level at which Influenster delivers you can't find a better community for all of your lifestyle needs. Sure I could brag on the great products I've received and amazing companies I've worked with, but that's not even half of it. 
Through Influenster I've met some amazing people, read some great reviews that helped me make decisions on which products where best for me and it allowed me to give reviews of things I've used that can be helpful to someone else. Then there is the bonus of being able to share your ideas and thoughts with the community, work with companies and of course the bonuses. 
There are so many things to love about Influenster. 

If this is your first time reading about Influenster then it's obvious this is your first time to my blog because I'm constantly speaking about them. I encourage you to check out the Influenster website and the Influenster App so that you can become acquainted with the community. Then sign up! 
That's right sign up because it's free and because what better way to delve into a community that surrounds you with things you like and doesn't just send you stuff you don't. Influenster takes into account with their various campaigns and ways to accumulate badges for things that surround you and your lifestyle. Whether you're a: mother, well traveled, college student, beauty guru, wine connoisseur; there is a spot for you. 

I love Influenster and I know you will too!!